After School Clubs

Nunney First School believes that taking part in after school clubs affords children a range of positive benefits. These included providing access to enriching new experiences, providing opportunities for children to succeed, fostering self-esteem and confidence, supporting the academic curriculum, improving fitness, providing opportunities to socialise, as well as opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment.

There is high attendance at after school clubs that take place at Nunney First School and at least one club runs every day. Staff, as well as external professionals with particular skills and interests lead the clubs.

All clubs are open to pupils in Reception to Year 4. Each lasts an hour (3.00 – 4.00 pm) and parents/carers are asked to make a payment of £2.50 per child per club to help cover costs associated with running these. Pupils entitled to the Pupil Premium Grant are asked to pay 50p to attend.