At Nunney First School we aim to ‘Be SMART with a heart’  online. We should always be kind, thoughtful and respectful to one another whether online at school or home.

Follow these steps to make sure you stay safe online at all times

S is for safe

Never give out personal information to strangers on the internet. Personal information includes things like your home address, full name and your birthday. 

Remember personal information can be seen in images and videos you share too. Keep them safe to keep yourself safe.

M is for meet

Meeting up with someone you only know online can be dangerous as this person is still a stranger.

If someone you only know online ever asks you to meet up, for personal information or for photos/videos of you then tell an adult straight away.  

Never ever meet up with a stranger you have met online unless a parent or guardian has said it is ok and is present.  

A is for accepting

Think carefully before you click on or accept something online. This could be a friend request, advert or an email.  Don’t open emails from people you don’t know, they could contain viruses.

Don’t accept a request from someone if you are unsure of who they are or what they have sent.  If in doubt, always check with an adult. 

If you get a strange email/message from a friend and you think they might have a virus, make sure you let them know!

R is for reliable

Don’t believe everything you read online, check your facts! Did you read it on a reliable website like the BBC? Are other websites saying the same thing?

Does it tell you where they got the information from? How old is the information?

To find reliable information compare at least three different websites and talk to someone about what you have found.

T is for tell

If you have an online safety problem, make sure you tell someone.  If something or someone makes your worried, upset or you know someone is being bullied online,

tell a parent, guardian, or teacher as soon you can.  You can also phone Childline on 0800 11 11 or go to

If you want to explore these areas in greater depth then you can access videos and questions to discuss on childnet international.

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