The Creative Arts

The Arts are an excellent vehicle for teaching and learning across the curriculum and teachers are encouraged to look for opportunities throughout their planning to use the arts in this way.  We also recognise the ability to build self-confidence and self-esteem through creative arts activities and opportunities to build up collaborative skills and team work.

The children have dedicated arts activities as part of their weekly curriculum.



Children are given the opportunity throughout the school to build up their arts skills. Children look at printing, drawing, painting, textiles and 3D methods. They also study famous artists and art movements.
We have been able to partner with expert potters to enrich our art and history curriculum.


Great emphasis is put on the enjoyment and value of collective music making and singing as well as realising each child’s musical potential. Music is used creatively to support the wider curriculum and a high standard is encouraged at each level. Led by one of our teachers, Mrs Baxter, children in Years 3 and 4 have the opportunity to learn to play the ukulele and perform at many social functions.


Drama is used across the curriculum to aid our learning.  In PSHE the use of drama has been an excellent vehicle for the children to explore their feelings, relationships and look at managing their behaviour. Through role playing scenarios or using characters to express their own emotions, children have had the space to think about how their actions and reactions.

Pupils also have the opportunity to watch plays performed by theatre companies and puppeteers such as M&M theatrical productions ( and StoryBox Theatre. Quality productions, which the children enjoy and with which they engage fully and often used as a launch pad for drama and literacy activities.


Children at Nunney First School use iPad apps as well as Purple Mash software to develop digital arts skills. They really enjoy these learning experiences, finding them great fun as well as educational.


  • At Christmas the children put on a production involving singing, dance and drama.
  • Displays around the school celebrate the children’s learning.
  • Each year we hold an Arts week which culminates with a celebration of all the week’s learning attended by family and friends.
  • The Ukulele Club has performed at events such as the opening of the castle play equipment and the Christmas Nativity.
  • Each Friday a celebration assembly is held with children being awarded certificates for achievements across the curriculum, including the arts.