Curriculum Quick Stop

This page is especially for current parents as a ‘quick stop’ to look at our curriculum.

Please see individual subject pages for more information about our intents and implementation. You will also find key information such as knowledge and skill progression documents.

Although the School year is split into six terms, we have chosen to split our Year into four ‘major projects’ and several ‘mini projects’. The mini projects may have a particular subject focus such as Science or focus on an inspirational individual such as Henri Dunant or Mary Anning.

Click this link to see our NFS Long term plan final 2023 – 2024

This shows you the breakdown of when all the different projects take place and particular focuses in each subject.  We have a development cycle of looking at  subject areas to continually improve and tweak them.  You will notice English is currently ‘ in development’ as we update our ‘Key Texts’ to ensure greater diversity, more opportunities for different text types and stronger links to our overall projects.

Our Four core drivers for our major units of learning are communication, culture, conflict and conservation.

Click here to read a short overview of each thematic unit that is covered across the school during the two year cycle.

Other Useful documents

Reading guide for parents