Phonics Is Our Tool For Teaching Reading And Spelling

Reading is an essential life skill. It is also the vehicle through which children access many other areas of the curriculum. For these reasons, at Nunney First School, we place strong emphasis on helping children become competent, fluent readers early in their school life.

Phonics is the tool we use to teach reading. Phonics is a systematic way to learn to read, which begins by teaching the letter sounds and then builds up to blending the sounds together to achieve full pronunciation of whole words. The sounds are taught in isolation then blended together in order to decode or read a word.

It is important that parents understand how their child is being taught to read so that they can practise these skills when reading with children at home. To ensure that parents understand how reading is taught at Nunney First School and the importance the school places on teaching phonic skills, we run phonic workshops for parents and carers and invite parents/carers into school to observe and participate in phonic teaching sessions.

The school uses a programme called Read, Write Inc. to teach phonics, reading and spelling skills.  Children at Nunney are grouped by stage not age for the teaching of phonics, reading and spelling.  We have 5 separate teaching groups and each child is placed in a group with children who are at the same stage and who are moving forward at the same pace as them.  Phonics, reading and spelling are taught EVERY MORNING, for 30 minutes.

Children who find phonics harder to master and require additional practice to secure early reading through phonics skills receive one-to-one tuition for up to 30 minutes 3 times per week. This is in addition to the phonics provision provided for each child every morning.

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