Severe Weather / School Closure

Advice And Guidance For Parents

If the school needs to be closed for emergency reasons including severe weather or loss of utility or heating services, information and regular updates will be posted on the school website. These will be on the homepage as a ‘News’ item.

The safety of staff and pupils making the journey to school must be considered before a decision is made as to whether the school should be closed in the event of severe weather.

If the decision is taken to close the school, information will be shared in the following ways:

  1. A message will be placed on the school website – this will be located on the homepage as a ‘News’ item
  2. A message will be sent via Class Dojo – a communication platform used by school staff and parents/carers
  3. Where possible, parents will be told in person on collection of their child from school

We will endeavour to update messages on a regular basis and keep you fully informed. If you do not have Internet access, please arrange to contact a friend who has an Internet connection.

It is our intention for the school to be open as long as it is deemed safe for pupils and staff to attend. The decision to close the school is made by the Headteacher in conjunction with the Chair of Governors, and is based on access to essential services and transport safety.