“Without Geography, you’re nowhere!”  Author unknown


Our Geography curriculum promotes a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with our learners for the rest of their lives. It equips pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people, natural and human environments, combined with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. Geography takes the children on a journey beyond the classroom and opens their eyes to what the world has to offer – it’s splendour and vulnerabilities.

Togetherness – In order for our pupils to become global citizens, we want them to have deep understanding of the visual, cultural, social and environmental aspects of different places around the world.  They will work together to investigate, compare and discover the physical and human features that make up our world.

Happiness –  We want pupils to develop an understanding of nature that inspires them to explore the world and take an interest in ecosystems and processes that shape them and the land around them.

Respect –  To stand together on global issues, we want them to understand what it means to be human and the cause and effect of human behaviour.  In order for pupils to develop a genuine respect for our world, they will have awareness of local, regional and global locations and features.

Independence – Pupils become increasingly independent in their ability to research, record and share their findings effectively.  Their knowledge of place will prepare them as individuals for life beyond school and skills that will be applied when making plans for now or the future.

Variety – Throughout their Geography projects, Pupils will have a diverse range of experiences to enhance their contextual understanding.  Teachers will make sure that there is a broad and balanced focus on location and place knowledge, human, physical Geography, geographical skills, and framework.  Cross-curricular links will be made to provide opportunities for consolidation and enrich their understanding of other subjects such as R.E.

Excellence – Pupils will learn to research and become secure in their Geographical knowledge, understanding and skills, which will provide the framework and approaches that explain how the Earth’s features at different scales are shaped, interconnected and change over time. They will develop a rich geographical vocabulary as they journey through the school.


At Nunney First School we follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Geography


We use Cornerstones Curriculum Maestro to carefully map our provision to ensure that each project builds on prior knowledge and understanding alongside developing key skills such as an ability to interrogate sources, ask valuable questions and conduct research in an effective, efficient way.

Beyond the classroom, we use our school grounds and trips to allow for rich, meaningful experiences that cement knowledge and engagement.

Geography is the driver subject for many of our projects through the school.  Our curriculum is ever evolving to meet the needs of the children but please see our latest LTP as to where each unit takes place.



Geography is taught in a ‘whole class’ setting with flexibility to allow for discussion, questioning and  group work.

A variety of teaching approaches are encouraged:

  • Teacher presentations
  • Group or paired investigations
  • Use of  photographs, videos, pictures and maps
  • IT, film, podcasts, radio and websites to research and communicate ideas.

We make links with our school ‘Big Ideas’ – encouraging the children to see how lessons, for example, develop our understanding of  ‘place and culture’ or ‘change’.