Our Vision

All children at Nunney First School are resilient, confident and enjoy school. They have a love for learning, work hard and progress and achieve well, both in and out of the classroom. The school celebrates achievement in all areas and encourages children to persevere when faced with challenges. We prepare children for a future full of opportunities by building confidence, communication skills and the ability to problem solve.

The school values and supports staff through high expectations, professional development and effective communication. Collaboration and innovation opportunities are fostered, contributing to the life and work of the school. Staff are creative, motivated and reflective, building positive relationships with children and their families. Together, they deliver outstanding teaching that ensures the best possible outcomes for all pupils.

We have an inspiring curriculum taught by enthusiastic, knowledgeable teachers and support staff, who have high expectations and use assessment effectively to plan for pupils to consistently achieve their best. Learning takes place in a stimulating, fun and purposeful environment that allows pupils to develop independence, curiosity and courage.

Children are happy, well behaved and motivated to be the best they can be. They feel safe and develop resilience so that they are confident to face challenges and take appropriate risks in their learning. They benefit from a broad range of opportunities for personal development and growth, empowering them to become active, respectful citizens of the future.

Working together, the school community creates a safe, respectful and nurturing environment, which maximises each child’s sense of wellbeing and acquisition of skills for life and learning. The natural environment inspires much of our work, helping children to understand relationships and find their own unique place in our ever changing world.

    Our Values


    In 2021, staff, parents and carers, children and governors worked together to create new vision and values statements to reflect the ethos of the school.  Our curriculum, assemblies, behaviour support strategies and celebrations are linked to our values, ensuring all children have a core understanding of what we feel is important at school and beyond.  Below are the 6 values which make up our overall mission, to support every child to THRIVE.