Past Curriculum

Embracing the freedom schools have been given through the 2014 National Curriculum, we have developed a new curriculum for September 2016, which combines the best new educational practices with the best traditional ones. Our curriculum has essential English, mathematics and computing skills at its core and provides children with flexible skills, which they use and apply to complete tasks and solve problems that have real meaning for them.

We use a project based approach to learning, teaching skills, attitudes and values as well as knowledge, through cross curricular projects that interest and excite the children. Learning at Nunney First School is organised in loops, with children acquiring a range of skills and knowledge as they progress through each loop, drawing on learning and skills they acquired, to complete an exciting challenge that closes the loop.

Children learn most effectively when they are actively involved in their learning and are seeking answers to questions they have raised. For this reason, pupils work closely with their teachers to design and shape their own learning experiences.  The opportunities they encounter at Nunney First School help them develop the concept of learning as a lifelong journey, full of challenge and excitement.