Physical Education

Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.’ Nelson Mandela

At Nunney First School we strongly believe that all children should have access to a thoroughly planned, progressive physical education programme, which places a real emphasis on developing a wide range of physical competences, while encouraging healthy competition and teamwork.

Throughout their time at Nunney, our teachers strive to equip all children with the necessary skills, knowledge and range of physical experiences to motivate them to lead lifelong active, healthy lifestyles in which they continue their participation in physical activity and sport.


Togetherness – Pupils will be given opportunities to work together to develop their teamwork and leadership skills. They will understand the importance of co-operation and collaboration for any team to succeed.  Pupils are invited to attend a range of sporting events within the local area, linking them to the wider community.

Happiness  – Pupils develop a clear understanding of how to stay healthy and active. Pupils will be inspired to use sport as a tool to keep themselves happy and healthy in their daily lives, now and in the future.  P.E. lessons and opportunities at break times make sport accessible for all and allow encourage children to foster a love for physical activity.

Respect – By participating in a wide variety of physical activities, pupils learn to respect themselves and their bodies. Through individual and team activities, we will teach pupils to nurture their skills and show sportsmanship , including respect for rules and the ability to win or lose gracefully.  We also aim for pupils to develop a sense of respect for the equipment and environment they use.

Independence – Each lesson gives pupils the opportunity to master basic physical movements that are transferable.  They will show confidence in their own physical abilities, being given opportunities to repeatedly practise skills as well as choosing their own challenges.  We aim for them to use skills learnt now, for future sporting activities.Pupils will learn to organise and lead their own activities, events and games, where appropriate.  Pupils will recognise that the habit or practising a skill to improve can be applied to other subjects.

Variety – We strive to provide pupils with exciting physical education opportunities each term.   They will cover a wide variety of different disciplines throughout the school year as well as the chance to take part in festivals, after school clubs and inter/intra school competitions. Sports equipment and play structures are part of the school grounds to encourage a variety of physical activity at break times.

Excellence – Pupils participate in high quality PE lessons twice a week. Pupils will be encouraged develop resilience, determination and drive to achieve their best.  Teachers ensure there is progression in skills and knowledge through the school so Pupils leave Nunney feeling confident sportspeople, willing to try other sports and transfers skills they’ve already been taught.


Our Physical Education curriculum is carefully planned to include a range of indoor and outdoor based lessons throughout the year and provides a varied and progressive learning programme. All children will receive at least two hours of engaging, high quality and enjoyable physical education lessons per week, as well as taking part in at least half an hour of physical activities per day. Appropriate provision is in place to support a range of learning needs and abilities and ensure positive outcomes for all children.

Please see our NFS PE LTP for the areas covered each term.

Through PE, staff will:

  • model a positive attitude to sports and physical activity;
  • encourage active participation and engagement in a range of physical activities;
  • seek and embrace opportunities for their own CPD;
  • plan and lead a range of regular sporting clubs or other physical activities;
  • seek and plan events where children can perform or compete;
  • celebrate children’s success and personal achievements in sports and physical
  • Assess pupils and adapt activities appropriately to ensure progression.

We currently use the Twinkl Plan it Move it P.E Scheme to ensure progression and consistency through the school.   P.E is also linked, where possible, to our projects.

Ongoing assessment throughout lessons allows children to improve and progress their skills and knowledge.


It is expected that schools provide swimming instruction either in key stage 1 or key stage 2. At Nunney First School children are fortunate to have the opportunity to swim for two terms in every key stage, including Reception. This means that children get children get ample opportunity (ten terms in their whole school journey) as we believe Water safety is such an important life skill and allows for children to progress their skills.

During this instruction, children are taught by qualified instructors to swim safely, confidently and proficiently. They go on to learn how to use different types of strokes effectively as well as self rescue techniques.


Sports Clubs

In addition to this, we also offer weekly sports clubs and activities where children can develop skills in sports or other physical activities in which they have a particular interest or expertise. These are taught by staff and qualified, specialist instructors.  Through these, additional opportunities for competition may arise. These clubs change throughout the year and  have included yoga, dance, multi-skills, basketball and tri-golf.



We aim to give all children the opportunity to experience competitive sport by planning and participating in regular school-based events such as sports days and interschool events such as the annual football tournament.