Nunney First School has, like all schools, a set of policies that explain the aims, actions and monitoring processes of everything that affects the life of the school, the children’s learning and their welfare. These policies are scrutinised and re-assessed on a regular basis by the Governing Body, drawing on expert assistance where necessary. New policies are added when circumstances arise that make this necessary.  Any other policies are available on request.

The list of policies found below can be accessed on The Partnership Trust website.

TPT Complaints Policy

TPT Equalities Policy

TPT Estates – Managing Contractors Policy

TPT Exclusions Policy


TPT Financial Procedures Regulations Manual

TPT GDPR – Acceptable Use of IT Policy


TPT GDPR – Data Breach Policy

TPT GDPR – Data Protection Policy

TPT GDPR – Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

TPT GDPR – Information Security Policy

TPT GDPR – Photograph Policy

TPT GDPR – Privacy Notice- Information for Students

TPT GDPR Privacy Notice – Pupils and Parents and private hirers – see individual school websites

TPT GDPR – Privacy Notice – School Workforce

TPT GDPR – Privacy Notice – Job Applicants

TPT GDPR – Records Management Policy

TPT Governance – Governors and Trustees Allowances Policy

TPT Governors and Trustees Schools Visit Policy

TPT Health and Safety Policy – please see individual school websites

TPT HR – Adoption Leave Policy

TPT HR- Adoption – time off for appointments policy

TPT HR – Anti Bullying and Anti Harassment Policy

TPT HR – Appraisal Policy

TPT HR – Capability Policy and Procedure

TPT HR – Disciplinary Policy

TPT HR – Equal Opportunities Policy (Recruitment)

TPT HR – Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

TPT HR – Expenses Policy

TPT HR – Flexible Working Policy

TPT HR – Grievance Procedure Policy

TPT HR – Maternity Leave Policy – Support Staff

TPT HR – Maternity Leave Policy – Teachers

TPT HR – Menopause Policy and Guidance Policy

TPT HR – Parental Leave Policy  *note: see also Shared Parental Leave (Birth) and Shared Parental Leave (Adoption)

TPT HR – Paternity Leave Policy

TPT HR – Pay Policy

TPT HR – Probationary Policy for Support Staff

TPT HR – Redundancy Policy

TPT HR – Sabbatical Leave policy

TPT HR – Safer Recruiting Policy – please see safeguarding and child protection policy which can be found on school websites

TPT HR – Shared Parental Leave – Adoption

TPT HR – Shared Parental Leave – Birth

TPT HR – Staff Code of Conduct

TPT HR – Staff Flexible Working Policy

TPT HR – Staff Sickness Absence Policy

TPT HR – Staff Time Off Work Policy

TPT HR – Stress Management Policy

TPT Risk Management Policy – currently under review, please contact Trust office for further information

TPT Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy – there is a Trust wide policy which includes elements of personalisation to reflect individual school settings – please see school website

TPT Whistleblowing Policy

The Partnership Trust Policies and Documents
Additional policies that apply to all schools that are members of the Trust can be found on their policy page.
Financial documents, articles of association and funding agreements can be found here.