Squirrel Class – Reception

The first year at Nunney First School is spent in Squirrel Class, taught by Mrs Baxter and Mrs Smith with fulltime support from our team of teaching assistants. With a spacious, well-equipped classroom and an outside learning garden to explore and investigate, Squirrel Class provides a wonderful environment for young children to engage in challenges and find creative answers.

A family school, Nunney First School nurtures strong bonds between home and school, and children settle quickly into routines, feeling safe and secure whilst being challenged through enriching learning experiences. There is always something fun to do in Squirrel Class, from rescuing penguins from the ice, to dressing up as a superhero or even painting your hands in rainbow colours!

In the Reception year our focus is on learning through play – learning to share, to concentrate, to grow in confidence, to respect others, to celebrate achievements.  With beautiful grounds to explore, we value childhood, happiness and a joy of learning.  Guiding each child’s natural curiosity, we teach them to engage gently with the natural world and enable them to blossom into kind, thoughtful and confident learners.

Using well known stories such as Three Little Pigs, we involve the children in the wider curriculum through exciting discovery.  While doing this, the children are learning letter sounds, letter formation, colours and shapes and simple mathematics such as counting to 20 and being able to add and subtract numbers.

Joining in with the wider life of the school, children in Squirrel Class are quickly made to feel welcome and are ably supported by staff and older pupils alike, on their exciting journey of education.