Nunney First School colours are bottle green with white. We ask that the children are smartly dressed in school colours at all times.

In winter the uniform is:

  • White or bottle green short sleeve polo shirts (NFS embroidered)
  • Grey skirts or trousers
  • Bottle green sweatshirts or cardigans (NFS embroidered)
  • White or grey socks, grey or bottle green tights
  • Black school shoes

In summer the uniform is:

  • Green and white gingham (checked) dresses
  • Grey shorts
  • White or green polo shirts (NFS embroidered)

PE kit is needed throughout the year:

  • PE bag (NFS embroidered)
  • Bottle green shorts
  • White round neck t-shirt (plain white or NFS embroidered)
  • Black PE shoes (daps/plimsolls)
  • Bottle green jogging trousers for outdoor PE in colder months

Items marked (NFS embroidered) can be bought from the school office. Most are in stock. Other items can be bought from local supermarkets or chain stores.

School Uniform Order Form 2020-2021