Despite restrictions in place for visitors to our school site, we continue to engage with those beyond our school who enrich children’s learning in so many ways.

On Friday 2nd October, children in Otter Class thoroughly enjoyed a virtual music workshop with Anita Langridge, an experienced double bass player who is a member of the BBC Symphony Orchestra.  The workshop included a ‘tour’ of the double bass and a demonstration of the various sounds it can create when played by skilful hands.

Pupils were introduced to a piece of music called ‘Hoedown’ By Aaron Copland and enjoyed creating some dance moves to this!  They also learnt the various ways a conductor communicates with musicians in the orchestra and put newly learnt skills to practice in conducting Anita on her double bass, changing the tempo and dynamics of the pieces she played for them.

We are working hard to ensure that despite coronavirus restrictions, we continue to offer enriching experiences – in this case, one that inspired the children to make music themselves.

Click on the link below for a snapshot of our learning and enjoyment!

BBC Symphony Orchestra Workshop 2