This morning we had a wonderful Harvest Festival held in our school playground. It was so special to come to together to celebrate this event and the weather was perfect! Each class shared their learning about a different aspect of ‘Fair Frome’. They were superb at presenting it through actions, readings and story telling. We will never forget the little squirrel who just needed ‘a little helping hand’ or the furniture shapes created by Hedgehogs.

Otter class were fantastic at explaining just who might use Fair Frome services and have written a letter to thank the charity for everything they do. We also created a giant 2020 with the tins we had collected – a phenomenal 144 tins! Many thanks to everyone who donated.

Most importantly, Miss Heal reminded us that ‘sharing is caring’ and sometimes people just need a helping hand to get them through. All our tins will be going to the Fair Frome food bank to support the vital work they do. It was a joyful occasion and the children were thrilled to be together, especially when Miss Heal also revealed she was sharing all her jam tarts with them! A huge thanks to all the staff for the hard work put in to make our Harvest Service so special