Thursday 4th and Friday 5th March, saw Nunney First School celebrating World Book Day!  Although a little different than usual, everyone had lots of fun completing challenges, designing spoons and potatoes and even developing our skills as illustrators!  We also completed Reading Star challenges over the course of the two days, finding funny and interesting places to read our books at home and at school.

Our World Book Day celebrations were based around Rob Biddulph, an amazing author and incredible illustrator who has written books such as Dog Gone, Blown Away, and Give Peas a Chance.  Mysterious pictures taken from some of his stories inspired everyone to ask creative questions, make predictions and consider how stories are shaped and developed.  

Whilst we were busy completing all of these activities, stories written by Rob Biddulph appeared throughout the day read by members of staff. All of his stories are beautifully written and often very funny, so they went down a treat!

As an extra special surprise, families got to take part in a Masked Reader event, where the challenge was to guess which masked member of staff was reading a part of a story. Much fun was had guessing the identity of each masked reader and, with voices disguised as well, this proved to be quite a challenge!   Even the queen made an appearance reading a section of the story!

What a fantastic two days we had discovering an exciting new author and, most importantly, spending time embracing our love of books and celebrating the pleasure stories bring us.

We can’t wait for next year already!