Assemblies take place daily at Nunney First School. They are usually held in the afternoon with the whole school. They link to our school values, celebrating learning and important events or festivals.  We use our assemblies to deepen children’s knowledge of the curriculum, bringing in community visitors to develop their understanding of careers and British Values, and deliver core PSHE content for the whole school as an addition to their class based learning.  We also celebrate national events like Black History month or Safer Internet week through our assemblies.  Linking with our music curriculum, we use a listening calendar and have a ‘Song of the week’ to enrich our pupils’ experience of wide range of music.  Regular singing assemblies take place to further enhance our children’s knowledge, skills and enjoyment.

Celebration Assemblies

On a Friday afternoon we come together to celebrate our learning from the week.  Children can receive certificates for being ‘super star’ learners or showing our focus value that week.  We also use this time to celebrate progress on our reading challenges.  At the end of each term we hold a special celebration assembly where children across the school are recognized as a THIRVE champion.


The school’s Religious Education Policy has been drawn up in accordance with the Local Authority’s non-denominational Agreed Syllabus and the Daily Act of Worship is designed to reflect this country’s Christian tradition. It is, however, intended that our pupils should gain awareness and understanding of other religions. The 1988 Education Reform Act allows parents to withdraw their child from RE and the Daily Act of Worship. Any parent wishing to do so is asked to make a written request to the Head Teacher.